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Zhangshu Fragrance Factory was first established in 1958. Since 1986, with our investment in technology and the training of experienced staff, we have manufactured different kinds of aromatic chemicals and essential oils, mainly cedarwood oil and its derivatives, to meet the changing needs of our customers. In 1989, we started producing Methyl Cedryl Ketone.

Zhangshu Crown Capital Fragrance Limited, the joint venture company with a Hong Kong partner, was established in 1994. With the introduction of new management concepts and the injection of fresh capital, the joint venture company is better positioned to compete in the ever changing business environment.

It is our philosophy to develop ourselves as reliable supplier for the best quality products. To accommplish this goal, we are committed to improving ourselves continuously onthe management of the company, reliablility of raw material supply, people and product development, quality control and assurance, logistic support andcustomer service.

As   a   manufacturer   and   an   entrepreneur,
We   value   your   business   and   the   quality   of   our   products.


As a manufacturer, we care about the quality of our products. To assure this, we have invested in new technolog and modern equipment and the quality control is handled by a team of well trained staff. We do not only pay attention to the end product, but also every single step in the manufacturing process.

Fulfilling customers'needs has always been our goal. We value quality control and timely delivery. Last but not least, after sale service is of equal importance. We develop our organization to ensure the delivery of quality products and the best service to our customers.


China is well known for her forest reserves. Cedarwood trees can be found in Jiangxi, Sichuan and other provinces in China. In the early 1960's, people there began using cedarwood roots to distill crude oil, which is the raw material of MCK,CME, and its derivatives.

Inorder to maintain a stable supply of crude oil, we have invested in our own forest covering an area of more than 6 million square meters in Jiangxi province, where local farmers still practice the traditional way of oil distillation. They heat the cedarwood chips in a boiler, and collect the oil after condensation.

The forest is a natural treasure and all cuttings should be carried out under stringent control and be properly regulated. When farmers cut the trees to retrieve oil, they are required to plant new trees at the same time. This policy enables us to secure our long term supply of cedarwood oil.


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